About Dad’s Home Kitchen

Dad’s Home Kitchen started because of a love of cooking delicious food (and eating it!). Originally it was a place to share our favourite recipes – the kind that bring richness, warmth and connection into our homes. But it didn’t stop there.

Spending so much time in the kitchen we’ve learned a few things (some helpful, and some not). So we started compiling and sharing the helpful ones – our Dad Hacks – from quickly peeling boiled eggs to keeping bread fresh. I guess we just love making our lives easier – and yours, too.

Not everything can be fixed by a hack, and along with food we love a bit of clever tech. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen, we learned pretty quickly what it was that we needed to make our food lives easier. And we went out and found it. Today Dad’s Home Kitchen’s online shop brings you all the weird, wonderful, inspirational and quirky food and kitchen gadgets that will make your life easier (and much more interesting).

What We’re All About

At the end of the day, Dad’s Home Kitchen is about food’s ability to bring people together. Everyone has a story of their time spent in the kitchen with mum or nanna (and hopefully dad, too!). And every family has their special recipes. At Dad’s Home Kitchen we want to help people continue those traditions with great recipes and time-saving hacks and equipment.

Out of the Box Ideas

Part of what makes Dad’s Home Kitchen who we are is our out-of-the-box approach to food. We don’t pull together your typical recipes (you won’t find another recipe for the ‘best chocolate cake’ here, but you will find Banana Boats 3 Ways).

You also won’t find the same old kitchen products you can grab at your neighbourhood super store. But you will find the coolest, most interesting and unusual products designed to make your life easier and heaps more fun.

About Dad

Jase is ‘Dad’ at Dad’s Home Kitchen, and along with his wife, Bec, and daughter, Maggie, it’s his kitchen experiences that brought us Dad’s Home Kitchen. 

As a family they love the traditions of food that brings families together. But, as a busy Australian family, they also know that all food has to meet the high criteria of being ‘easy, simple, fun and don’t forget yum’ (the motto of both Jase’s own family, and Dad’s Home Kitchen). Jase’s favourite times in his life have been cooking in the kitchen with Bec, glass of wine in hand, while Maggie mimics their stirring and chopping at her toddler-sized table.


If you have any questions or comments about the recipes or anything else, head over to the contact page. Or contact Jase directly at hello@dadshomekitchen.com. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and on our YouTube channel.

And if you make one of our recipes we’d love to see! Tag us in your social media posts #dadshomekitchen so we can see all your creations.