Portable Magnetic LED Grill Lamps



These portable magnetic LED grill lamps give a super bright, glare-free and wide beam of light, to instantly illuminate your entire cooking area. They have a strong magnetic base, that allows you to attach it firmly to your barbecue in any position. You can place it not only on the sides of a barbecue, but also on any vertical or horizontal metal surface.

The flexible gooseneck can be rotated 360 degrees, so you can align the light beam exactly where you need it and illuminate every inch of your grill surface. They’re made to resists light extreme heat and harsh weather conditions. It’s not only great for outdoor cooking, but also great for camping, reading, cycling and a useful light for tradesman too.

Additional information


Heat Resistance
Flexible Gooseneck

Metal Type

Stainless Steel


2 lamps & Box
Batteries Not Included


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