Peeled & Grated Potato Hacks

Are your potatoes changing colour to gray or brown? I may have just the dad hack to help you out.

If you cook with potatoes a lot, you might have noticed they go a little grey or discolour. The reason is that after you have peeled or grated potatoes, they are obviously out in the open and exposed to air. This is where they will begin to turn gray or brown. It’s not the best thing and it can be a little off-putting, but never fear because strangely enough that the quality of the potato isn’t ruined. All that is happening is a natural reaction and the potatoes are absolutely fine to still cook and eat. I have a little dad hack that can help you stop the potato changing colour.

Potatoes contain catalase, which is an enzyme that, when exposed to oxygen, reacts to produce they grayness or discoloration on the the potato. The Potato’s skin is what protects the potato from oxygen reaching the enzyme. Once peel your potatoes, the oxidation begins. You can actually stop the enzyme reacting with cold, heat, acid, or you wrap it up to protect it.

Here is where the dad hack kicks in. To keep peeled whole or cut potatoes from changing colour, simply cover them with cold water until you are ready to use them. The you can either just boil them when you’re ready (if that’s how you were going to cook them), or simply drain the potatoes and pat them dry before cooking them. It’s a great hack to help you keep them overnight in the fridge.

You’re killing two birds with one stone by keeping the potato cold and stopping air from reaching it. If you’re grating potatoes, you could use a splash of  vinegar or lemon juice into the water. Another cool trick that I only found out the other day is cumbling an ordinary vitamin C tablet you give the kids or yourself and pinch it into the water. Either way both will definitely do the trick.

Enjoy your next potato dish. Cheers Jase!

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